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Mr. Soroush Zanjanipoor is taking care about the Indian Market

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Soroush Zanjanipoor has been appointed as the new Area Sales Manager of Schobertechnologies GmbH in India.


He will be responsible for developing our sales strategies and operations for our Key account channels as well as our diversification strategy in India and around the region.


Furthermore he will be in charge of implementing and managing the sales activities, identify new market opportunities and define the actions required to bring a new dynamic to our business and generate new growth in India and around the region.






Schobertechnologies presents the new RFID Ti-Gen3

During our two-day demonstration at the headquarters in Eberdingen, customers and representatives were able to get an idea of the current RFID machine.




The Ti-Gen3 – for the production of smart labels and material tags – provides an economical solution for the consolidation of RFID transponders, electronic anti-theft protection a.s.o. with pre-cut self-adhesive labels

The products are used, i.e, for stock and logistic control and for the protection against counterfeiting of products and documents.











Experience the new RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT

With the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT, Schobertechnologies has developed a new generation of hybrid drive technology specifically for processing digitally printed flexible packaging materials and films.


The innovative drive technology is characterized by the combination of continuous and intermittent phases during the cutting process. The whole process is an in-setting process, and of course the film is cut in the register for printing. In this way, a large number of printing formats can be covered with one tool or magnetic cylinder.


The RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT is designed for a maximum web width of 770 mm and is fully modular and expandable. Printing areas or formats of 770 x 1,100 mm can be processed without any problems.





















Review – Open House 2018

”Meet the IML Experts” was the slogan at our open house from October 9-11, 2018. During 3 days, at our headquarters in Hochdorf, we could welcome more than 100 customers and business partners coming from all over the world.


The focus was placed on 2 rotary die cutting machines in the latest version, the RSM550-DIGI and the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT. Both machines were presented and demonstrated. The main characteristics consist of having a new drive technology which allows a combination of continuous and intermittent processes during the cutting operation. The perfect solution for cutting and stacking of inmould labels with a wide range of formats to be processed with a single tool or magnetic cylinder.


The daily program was rounded off by our partners and IML experts, HP Indigo, Treofan and Adesiv who in their professional presentations provided insights of their latest technologies and materials. With their know how Treofan – global manufacturer of BOPP foils for IML –, Adesiv – coating specialist – and HP Indigo – digital printing machine specialist – are the ideal partners for the finishing in the digital printing technology for inmould labels …


For all those, who have not made it to Eberdingen, below a small impression of the event and hopefully we will see you next time.


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